Comic Book Alphabet of Vampires - Y

First Second Books' Vampire Month is over, but we kept going, but we're almost at the end of the line!

Here is a nice manga vampire (they have a lot of vampires!).


Vampire Yui

Vampire Yui is a spin-off of the super popular series, Vampire Princess Miyu...

Both series were created by the great Narumi Kakinouchi.

Yui is not a traditional spin-off in the sense that she was not a Miyu cast member before she got her own title, but rather, she is tied into the Miyu universe.

The villains of the Miyu universe are the Shinma (demons), specifically the bad Shinma.

Yui was born of a male Shinma and a female half Shi (who are SORTA like Shinma)/half vampire, who specifically has some of the blood of Miyu.

Yui's great great great (continue for awhile) aunt is a Shi who was the protector of a magical lake, but fell in her duty because she fell in love with a mortal man. The evil Shi love this current status quo, because the magic lake is left unguarded, and they worry that Yui will help her relative get back on her game, so they want her dead.

Luckily, just like how Vampire Princess Miyu is assisted by a GOOD Shinma, Yui is assisted by a good Shi, Nagi, the adopted brother of the mortal man who Yui's aunt was in love with.

Hilarity, as you imagine, ensues!!

Vampire Yui is a much more down to Earth series than Vampire Princess Miyu, which is a lot more serious of a book. Vampire Yui and Nagi have an almost Sam and Diane quality to them.

It's a fun series!

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