Comic Book Alphabet of Vampires - V

First Second Books' Vampire Month is over, but we are still going!

Here is one of the big ones (and no, that is not a pun about the size of her chest)!!



Vampirella is one of the longest lasting independent comic book characters in all of comic-dom, debuting in the late 1960s as Warren Publishing's third horror title, with a cover by Frank Frazetta and interiors by the late, great Tom Sutton.

Originally, Vampirella was just the person who introduced the stories (like Cain and Abel in the two DC Houses), but eventually, under Archie Goodwin's guidance, she became the star of the book herself...

Vampirella was an alien from the planet Draculon, where the inhabitants were all, well, vampires (duh!).

She came to Earth and helped fight the evil ACTUAL vampires of Earth.

The magazine lasted until the early 80s, with #112 being its final issue.

Harris Publishing purchased the rights to Vampirella from Warren at bankruptcy proceedings, and eventually published their own Vampirella series in the 90s.

Kurt Busiek wrote the revamped origin, which was one of those "everything you knew is a lie!" deals, with Vampirella now being a standard enough vampire.

Dig those crazy covers!

Harris tried different things, too, like a manga-style Vampirella, Vampi!

Right now, Harris is doing a Quarterly Vampirella series, although apparently there are some issues over who really owns her current rights.

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