Comic Book Alphabet of Vampires - U

First Second Books' Vampire Month is over, but we are still going!

Here is probably the sorriest vampire on the list!



Underworld was a pretty clever movie idea where, over a thousand years ago, a man survived a plague that killed his whole village. The resulting virus mutated him to the point where he was essentially immortal.

He had three sons, and two of them were each bitten by an animal - one by a wolf, the other by a bat. Once bitten, the mutation they inherited mutated again to respond to the animals that bit them - so one brother spawned a whole race of werewolves and the other, a race of vampires.

The film, Underworld, follows around a vampire named Selene who is caught up in it all.

In 2003, IDW (still fairly new at the time) came out with a series of comics detailing the history leading up to the film - the struggles in the war between the vampires and the werewolves over the years.

It is a pretty good comic book, it is only "sorry" because they were only around for the one mini-series!!

Kris Oprisko wrote the story, with assistance from the screenwriter of Underworld, Danny McBride. It was drawn by Nick Postic and Nick Marinkovich.

A slightly more famous vampire tomorrow!

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