Comic Book Alphabet of Vampires - S

First Second Books' Vampire Month is over, but we are still going!

Here is a short-lived vampire!!



Storm was involved in one of the most notable Dracula stories outside Tomb of Dracula set in the Marvel Universe (only Roger Stern's Doctor Strange story comes close, really), as she was seduced by Dracula.

The story began in Uncanny X-Men #159 before continuing in the X-Men Annual #6.

In the story, Storm was attacked by Dracula and slowly turned into a vampire by Dracula.

The story is really odd, as it involves Rachel Van Helsing being turned into a vampire - that was a pretty depressing ending for Van Helsing, one of the stars of Tomb of Dracula.

There are two notable bits - Kitty Pryde's Star of David hurting Dracula and Rachel breaking free from Dracula's control to kill him and then ask Wolverine to kill her.

It's a nice story with great Bill Sienkiewicz artwork (on both the issue and the Annual), although, like I said, it was a disappointing turn of events for Rachel Van Helsing.

Later, in Mutant X, a story set on an alternate Earth, Storm (as a vampire) was a major character...

She went by the name Bloodstorm.

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