Comic Book Alphabet of Vampires - N

Well, First Second Books' Vampire Month is over, but we still have the back end of the alphabet to deal with, and we'll begin with perhaps the dorkiest comic book vampire on this list (just perhaps)



Nightrider was a vampire who went by the name Dagon. His original human name was David, and when he was a ten-year-old boy, he was hit by a car and then taken in by the evil forces of Lord Chaos. Lord Chaos's forces then did all sorts of experiments on David - primarily among them, an attempt to turn him into a sort of vampire using DNA from Count Dracula.

The plan worked TOO well, and a demon became involved, and turned David into an ACTUAL vampire.

Now calling himself Dagon, he slaughtered almost all the troops who were guarding him - except one troop who showed him some kindness. Along with that troop, he joined the resistance to Lord Chaso.

He eventually joined one faction of the Team Titans resistance and was part of the group that was stranded in the past in an attempt to kill Lord Chaos.

Eventually, he became more and more vampiric...

Although he did manage to save his younger self from getting hit by the car!!

And then it was revealed that almost all of the Team Titans were actually creations of the villain Extant, who needed a superpowered army of cannon fodder heroes - and that is what Nightrider was.

During Zero Hour, he just plain ol' vanished, along with most of the other Team Titans.

Not one of Marv Wolfman's better creations, and I think he'll freely admit that himself - Nightrider was designed as a bit of a throwaway character who was then given (along with the other Team Titans) way more screen time than originally intended.

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