Comic Book Alphabet of Vampires - E

Again, coinciding with First Second Books' Vampire Month, here's the next in our alphabet of comic book vampires!

Here we get nice and sneaky!


Eric Brooks

Eric Brooks is the real name of Blade the Vampire Hunter, who is the most famous of the various vampire hunters who hunted down Dracula during Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan's run on Tomb of Dracula.

Blade's mother was a prostitute who attacked by a vampire named Deacon Frost as she was delivering young Eric. As a result, he had a lot of the same features of vampires without actually being one himself.

Blade fought vampires for many years, and after the Montesi Formula destroyed them, he joined the team Nightstalkers, with his fellow former Dracula hunters, Frank Drake and Hannibal King.

Then, in a battle with Morbius, Morbius bit Blade, transforming Blade into a "Daywalker," a vampire who could walk outside during the day and basically had none of the normal weaknesses of vampires.

Blade was the lead character in a series of successful films starring Wesley Snipes, yet he never has been able to have a successful solo comic book series.

And Marvel sure has tried!

Hopefully he gets another chance in the future!!

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