Comic Book Alphabet of Vampires - D

Again, coinciding with First Second Books' Vampire Month, here's the next in our alphabet of comic book vampires!

It's the big bad voodoo daddy this time around!



The main man, Count Dracula himself, has made many comic book appearances, but his most prominent one is certainly the Tomb of Dracula series.

Said series really took off with #7, when Marv Wolfman came aboard as the writer to go with artists Gene Colan and Tom Palmer!

Dracula was the brilliant Carmen Sandiego of the book - the character whose actions drove the plot.

However, Dracula wasn't just some ephemeral figure - he showed up often, and was quite the tough guy, shown most notably when he went head to head with the Silver Surfer!!

After the series ended, Dracula popped up here and there...

Finally, though, Roger Stern got rid of Dracula once and for all in a dramatic (and quite awesome) storyline in Doctor Strange.

Of course, this being comics, Dracula has since returned.

Recently, Marvel gave him a mini-series (set in the past) where he fought, of all people, Apocalypse!!

Weird, huh?

While the Marvel series was the most famous, it was far from the only Dracula series out there over the years.

Here is just a taste...

Dracula sure is well represented in the world of comic books!!

Marvel's Ultimate Universe Returns in Miles Morales: Spider Man #10

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