Comic Book Alphabet of Vampires - A

First Second Books have declared May to be "Vampire Month," so to go along with them (and you can read more about Vampire Month at their website), the latest comic book alphabet will be all vampires who have appeared in comic books!!


Alex Elder

Alex Elder was the star of Humberto Ramos' Crimson.

Crimson was written by Brian Augustyn, based on concepts from Ramos, F.G. Haghenbeck and Oscar Pinto.

Alex was a typical teen who was attacked by vampires while hanging out with his friends. They were all murdered, but Alex was turned into a vampire. Crimson was mostly about Alex coming to terms with his new existence, but also about his getting revenge on the bad guys who killed his friends.

Alex turns out to be a bit of a chosen one, and the series touches on notions of faith and destiny and stuff like that. It was actually a lot deeper of a comic than I think most folks give it credit for. Augustyn did a fine job with the series and the characters.

Ramos' art, though, is clearly the star of the book. His design sense mixed with his manic storytelling style ends up with an unmistakably original comic book series.

Sadly, the series only lasted a couple of years.

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