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Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – Z

by  in Comic News Comment
Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – Z

Today, we finish where we began.



I began this alphabet with Animal Man, a work by Grant Morrison, and I’ll end it with Zenith, which was ALSO an 80s work of Grant Morrison.

Zenith was created by Grant Morrison and artist Steve Yeowell, with the character being designed by the great Brendan McCarthy.

Zenith was serialized in the pages of 2000 AD.

Zenith was notable for the time by being a character we see a lot of nowadays, but not so much in the 1980s, the “rock star” superhero. Zenith was a superhero in a world where the most he really needed to do was film a music video. Soon, of course, bad things popped up, and he had to step up, grow up and become a true superhero.

Morrison is still pretty young when the series started, and it shows, but boy, is it still a fun comic book. Often, the whole “rock star superhero” trope is accompanied by cynicism, but not Morrison.

The series was fun and engaging, and still optimistic.

A great start to a great career.

Here’s a moment early on that I absolutely adored…

The first Zenith storyline by Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell involved the fight against the “Many-Angled Ones,” demons who were trying to find host bodies on our world.

Zenith was roped into the fight by former superheroes (and friends of his parents), but at this point in the story, things weren’t looking good for Zenith and Peter St. John, who quit superheroing to become a Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party. The two were trapped in the bad guy’s dimension, where his actual body exists, and they would be powerless against him.

Or were they?

And then the bad guy blew up.

Pretty cool, eh?

So that’s the alphabet!!

Hope you enjoyed it!!

I’ll most likely do this again sometime soon!!

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