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Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – P

by  in Comic News Comment
Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – P

Today, we look at one of the coolest aspects of a long-lasting group of comics.

Pals and Gals

I couldn’t believe that I forgot Jughead for J (maybe next time! :)), so I figured I’d make up for it by making P Pals and Gals, after the great supporting cast Archie has amassed over the years.

What I love about that cover of 1952’s Pals and Gals #1 is how damned SUCCINCT it is! In just that one cover, you basically get the personalities of all five characters depicted there. Betty and Veronica both like Archie – natch.

Reggie is a jerk – natch.

Jughead hates girls – natch.

Talk about economy!!

Compared to that cover, this Pals and Gals cover lays it on a bit too thick…

Still, the basic formula of Archie’s two pals and his two gals is a fine one – his girl-hating best friend, the ego-maniacal frenemy, and the two gals who vie for his love – that’s the basis for a whole lot of stories!!

The early Pals and Gals covers have an interesting approach in their attempt to work all of them into each cover…

I especially love how they did the double trouble joke twice in a row! 🙂

Reggie, though, takes the joking a bit too far at times.

Geez, Reggie!!

“Boy, Archie sure does look like he’s in for some double trouble, Reg!”

“He will be, when I shoot him twice in the back of the head!”


This cover is a bit odd, as I have absolutely no idea what is going on on this cover. Has anyone read this issue?

Please tell me what it is about! Is Archie asking them each for their kidneys?

I love how serious this one is – I imagine the writer thinking he was truly going to reach the youth of America with this important issue.

Has anyone read this issue? Tell me what happened in it!!

Later on, more Pals and Gals, like Moose and Midge, Dilton, Ethel, Chuck and Chuck’s Girlfriend (I know her name, but come on, I dig the girl, but that’s all she really is) joined the gang.

Here is a neat cover with the a bunch of the gang (it is scary seeing Reggie so happy).

Sadly, Pals and Gals was canceled in 1991 (although it continues on in Digests). This was the last issue, which doesn’t even mention the significance of the issue!

Heck, I don’t even get the reference. What shows are they talking about in 1991?

Pals and Gals was replaced by the blandly titled Archie and Friends in 1992.

Archie and Friends DID give us this cover, though, so I guess it is not a total loss.

Archie’s Pals and Gals – a cool comic thing!!

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