Comic Book Alphabet of Cool - K

Today, the feature is about one of the more notable modern day comic strip creators.

Keith Knight

Keith Knight produces the awesome comic strip, The K Chronicles, which just recently had the FIFTH volume of collected strips, I Left My Arse in San Francisco, released.

Knight is a really funny writer, who also manages to tackle a number of fairly controversial topics, such as race and politics, but he does it in such an irreverent manner that it should be entertaining even if you totally disagree with all of his beliefs - sorta like old school Doonesbury.

You can read his work every week in a few different papers, but I like using salon.com the best. Click here to see an archive of his work on salon.

Here are samples of his four most recent weekly strips:

By the by, "Vic" is short for victories - that is a common strip theme that Knight uses, where he describes various "life victories."

Keith has won the most recent Harvey Award for Best Syndicated Comic Strip, which is pretty heady praise. He has also won the last two Glyph Awards for Best Comic Strip.

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