Comic Book Alphabet of Cool - H

Possibly the most talented comic book family ever.


Los Bros Hernandez

I feel kind of silly explaining why Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez are cool. I was thinking of just skipping them, in favor of a more obscure H, but then I thought, "Should I really skip two of the coolest comic creators out there just because they're not obscure?"

And I thought that wouldn't be cool, so here we are - possibly the coolest comic book family in all of comics (what do you folks think? John and Sal? Joe, Adam and Andy? Stan and Larry?)!!

Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez are best known for their seminal work, Love and Rockets, which they stopped doing for awhile, until they realized, "If we split up, people will not know where to find us - better to just give them a name they're familiar with," so they came back to Love and Rockets, which they continue to publish to this day (about three issues a year).


Most of Gilbert's early L&R stories have been collected in the hardcover Palomar (after the small city where Gilbert set his stories):

Jaime, meanwhile, had his L&R stories following the relationship of two women, Maggie and Hopey (from the early days of a bizarre blend of Archie and science fiction, to the later stages, where it was more steeped in realism), collected in the hardcover Locas.

The Hernandez brothers both have an undeniable grasp of humanity and what makes people tick, and it shines through in both of their works. Their artwork is at both times cartoonish and expressive, giving their books an easy-to-follow feel. A lot like how I explained how Kevin Huizenga will sneak up on you by making the comic easy to follow, before you realize you're reading some heady stuff - the Hernandez brothers do much of the same.


I should make sure I mention Mario Hernandez, the third Hernandez brother to do comic book work.

I always consider us lucky that we still have folks like Los Bros Hernandez still producing a regular comic book series.

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