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Today we look at a character that I think may be my current favorite comic character.


Glenn Ganges

Glenn Ganges is comic creator Kevin Huizenga's main character, and the star of Huizenga's Or Else series (recently collected as the excellent Curses) and his own series from Fantagraphics, Ganges.

Drawn and Quarterly (who put out Curses) have a great description of Glenn on their Curses description:

Glenn Ganges, a seemingly middle class man living in the suburbs whose blank-eyed wonderment at everyday experiences brings together such diverse aspects of our world as golf, theology, late-night diners, parenthood, politics, Sudanese refugees and hallucinatory vision, into a complete experience as multifaceted as our own lives.


I am irked, as Drawn and Quarterly summed up Glenn a lot cooler than I usually do, which is describe Huizenga's Ganges as sneaking up on you with mind-blowing ideas, and since Glenn is such a simple, relatable guy, you don't even notice what you've become caught up in until it is too late.

When I was filling in for Bill on 365 Reasons to Love Comics, I featured Kevin Huizenga. I reprinted a Glenn Ganges story there, and I think it makes sense (and, admittedly, it's also easier for me, natch) to just do that story here, as well.

Again, this is a a sample of Ganges #1 on Huizenga's website here. I hope this is all right with Kevin, but I figure that if he was willing to have it up on his website for people to sample, he would be okay with me showing it to you for sampling purposes.


Isn't that just a remarkable achievement? And I think a lot of it comes from the sheer relatability of Glenn Ganges, as he grounds an otherwise fantastical story.

Great stuff.

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