Comic Blitz Invites You To Invest In The Netflix of Comics

Do you love comics? Do you want a piece of the action in the comic book industry? For only $250, you can buy a stake in Comic Blitz, the startup comics subscription service that offers unlimited access to a library of nearly 5,000 issues and 750 titles from IDW, Valiant, Top Cow and other indie publishers.

The Los Angeles tech startup wants to become the Netflix of comic books, and is asking fans to invest in the platform via WeFunder, a crowdsourcing site that offers equity instead of an actual product.

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Like Kickstarter, ComicBlitz’s WeFunder campaign has perks. Your $250 minimum contribution gets you a year’s subscription to the service on top of your investment (A $96 value). A thousand dollars gets you a lifetime subscription. If you drop 25 grand, you get a 15 minute Skype call with comics legend Mark Waid, and voting rights.

Unlike Kickstarter, WeFunder offers you a share of the profits if the company goes public. Your purchase makes you a private investor, and therefore a part owner. If the company goes through further rounds of financing and is eventually traded on a public stock-exchange, you sell your stake in the company for the current market value. But if the company fails, you’re out of luck.

Comic Blitz currently has over 5,500 registered users in more that 133 countries. Its subscriber base increased over 200% in 2016.

You can view the Comic Blitz's WeFunder campaign here.

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