Comic artist sports an incredible augmented-reality tattoo

Last year, Australian artist Sutu launched a Kickstarter campaign for Modern Polaxis, an innovative comic about a paranoid time traveler whose private journal is brought to life in augmented reality, with readers using an iPhone or an iPad and a free app to uncover his hidden secrets and conspiracy theories.

However, Sutu didn't stop with the comic. As spotted by CNET, he recently had an image from Modern Polaxis tattooed on his forearm, and discovered the process had no affect on the app; it still reads the augmented reality layer from the comic. The effect, as you can see in the Instagram videos below, is pretty amazing, resulting in a tattoo that can be appreciated on two levels.

I can't believe this worked! #ARtattoo

A video posted by Sutu (@sutueatsflies) on

✋Close up of my AR tat✋#polaxis #ARtattoo #augmentedreality

A video posted by Sutu (@sutueatsflies) on

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