Comic Artist Mike Hawthorne Launches New Site with Free Webcomics

Official Press Release

Oct. 2007 - Many may know Mike Hawthorne from his new Vertigo series The Un-men, or his work at Marvel, or even his Eisner nominated run on Queen & Country. However, only a few fans of the artist know the book that started his career was his creator owned series, Hysteria. Hysteria was originally self-published by Hawthorne under Thinktank Comics. After the initial run, newer installments to the series were published by Slave Labor, Radio Comix, Oni Press, and Image Comics. The series is now breathing new life as a daily web comic on Hawthorne's new site, ThinktankComics.com.

This isn't Hawthorne's first foray into webcomics, but is by far the most encompassing. The Hysteria webcomic will run Monday through Friday starting with the original series and working forward. "The plan is to eventually have all of the Hysteria stories online, including the shorts published by various companies as well as One Man Gang", Hawthorne said, "with the conclusion to One Man Gang still being released in print form by Image".

When asked about the possibilities of the web in a recent interview, Hawthorne answered, "...the web is more dynamic. I can do more of the things I've always wanted to do, like offer my comics in Spanish and English side by side for example.". The Spanish version will run along side the English, as a daily week day comic.

In addition to Hysteria, Thinktankcomics.com will now host one of Hawthorne's other side projects, Monster-a-Day. Hawthorne started Monster-a-Day back in January as a daily blog. "I wanted to try my hand at a single panel gag strip of sorts, and M.A.D. just fit the bill perfect." said Hawthorne. Project M.A.D. will run black and white daily, with a color monster on Sundays.

Thinktankcomics.com went live on Oct. 8th.

About Mike Hawthorne - Mike Hawthorne has been working in comics for almost ten years, and for publishers such as Marvel Comics, DC/Vertigo, Dark Horse, and Image Comics. His work on Queen & Country earned Hawthorne and series writer, Greg Rucka, an Eisner nomination. Hawthorne's work on UMBRA with Steve Murphy earned an Harvey nomination. He is currently illustrating The Un-men, a monthly comic published by DC/Vertigo. Mike Hawthorne lives in central Pennsylvania with his wife, and three children.

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