Comic Artist Kaare Andrews to Direct <i>Cabin Fever</i> Prequel

Reports surfaced in November that Cabin Fever, the 2002 horror comedy directed by Eli Roth would get a pair of back-to-back sequels. Now Heat Vision reports that the first of those followups, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, will be directed by comic artist-turned-filmmaker Kaare Andrews.

Patient Zero was initially said to be about a research ship coming into contact with a cruise ship, but now it's being touted as a prequel showing the origins of the disease featured in Cabin Fever and its 2009 sequel Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever. Some of the details have also been switched, as Heat Vision's description now says the movie follows passengers after their cruise ship collides with a research island.

Jake Wade Wall, who penned The Hitcher remake, wrote the script for producer and financier Indomina Group. Filming will take place in the Dominican Republic.

Andrews, perhaps best known for his comic-book cover work on such titles as Marvel's The Incredible Hulk and Ultimate Adventures, made his directorial debut in 2010 with the horror film Altitude.

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