Comic Anthology of Monsters released on unsuspecting public

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After an eight-plus year run of several small-press collectives and soloprojects, Toby Craig challenged his comic-making friends with a request forsome monster inspired tales. The results are finally here. Seven stories,each with their own varied takes on the monster theme.

Giant monster smack-downs, law and order on a different spatial plane,musings of the walking dead, bible-beasts from the deep, chatty innerdemons, monsters under the bed, and things that go bump in the nightlife.

Monster Engine! edited by Toby Craig. Featuring work by Pedro Boyd, BrianCanny, Peter Conrad, Toby Craig, Jim Rugg, Dalton Webb, Todd Webb, and TomWilliams.64 pages; $6.00; ISBN: 0-9748513-0-2; Available February 2004.

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About the Contributors

Pedro Boyd, a permanent fixture of painting studios, has cranked out hisfair share of comics for the web and in his own mini-comics. Examples of hiswork can be found on the ithinkican.com website.

Brian Canny is a writer living in Dallas, TX where his unique grasp of thewritten word actually makes him some money, as opposed to his infrequentcollaborations in 'Engine!'.

Peter Conrad is an artist, writer, and illustrator in Northern California.His comics appear in numerous anthologies, a few newspapers, and moviescreens in Silicon Valley.

Toby Craig is a crackpot self-publisher living in Texas. He continues tokeep an out-of-focus watch on the intangible and weird with the continuedpublication of his 'Engine!' books.

Jim Rugg's comics have appeared in a few anthologies and mini-comics. Hecurrently spends his free time doing a book called 'Street Angel' from SlaveLabor.

Dalton Webb has created several comic strips, editorial cartoons,illustrations, and comic stories. He studied studio arts and graphic designin Texas before relocating to Seattle. Despite being a life long Texan, hedoes not have an accent. In addition to his mini-comic, 'The One Regret,'his work has also appeared in the 'Vancouver Special,' 'Moxie,' and'Engine!'

Todd Webb is one of those fortunate few that get to draw comics all daylong. When not drawing he's making music with his band 'Rangeboy' or goofingoff. His book 'The Goldfish and Bob' was very well received and his cartoonjournal can be seen every week on his website.

Tom Williams was established 1974. Situated in Columbus, Ohio. C.C.A.D.grad.1997( b.f.a.) continues to cartoon and do the occasionalillustration/design gig. His books include 'Crash Comics', 'Poof!', 'Lookingat the Front Door', 'Panel', and the award winning 'Misa'.

Order from: http://shop.ithinkican.com

Toby Craig, 116 Natures Way, Huntsville, TX 77056

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