Comflix Studios launches its new Web site to rave reviews by comic book fans!

Official press release

Los Angeles, CA - (July 20, 2007): Comflix Studios, a Los Angeles and

New York based multi-media company, launches its newly redesigned

ad-supported website, COMFLIX.NET, after a highly successful soft

launch/preview for comic book fans.

Reaction to the new site has been extremely positive, "I came across

something pretty cool…Comflix Studios, check out the website and enjoy

some comics, folks."-Ain't It Cool News.

And the fans who caught the preview thought, "This site is

amazing...This is an innovative idea...Your site rocks!", "This will

be revolutionary for its format and great for comics as well", "What

a fantastic way to bring characters to life without taking away from

the authors vision. I absolute love this premise", and finally "I got

so into watching the comic. I'm totally jonesing for more episodes!"

Comflix Studios, Inc. presents a new way to enjoy comic books that

combines the art and storylines of traditional print comic books with

the excitement and visual effects of film based entertainment.

Comflix Studios website, Comflix.net, launches with episode #1 of

Dracula vs. King Arthur and episode #1 of The Last Sin of Mark Grimm,

and for those who have seen the two aforementioned titles during the

soft launch, Comflix will premiere the much anticipated action

adventure Comflix adaptation of Empty Chamber.

Following the launch, Comflix.net will have weekly premieres of new

episodes from their ever-growing library of comic book titles.

Comflix Studios is also proud to announce the official start of their

"Create Your Own Comic Book" contest where one contestant, picked by

fans and the Comflix staff, will have the opportunity to have his or

her comic book idea made into a Comflix series.

"We are thrilled by the positive response. We recognize that our

content has a large and diversified audience but foremost, it was

important for us to be accepted and embraced by the comic book

community", says Scott Schneider, CEO of Comflix Studios. "We are also

pleased by our successful transition from a pay per view model to a

free advertising backed model where we can offer our content free to

our audience. The soft launch was not only a critical success with

comic book fans, but also a success for our advertising model since

over 99% of our traffic was derived from the highly coveted 18-34 male


The Studios' unique presentation of a new comic book form, along with

its targeted demographic appeal has led to their rapid growth and

strategic partnerships with such high profile marketers as Sony

Pictures, Nissan, Harley Davidson, Universal Music and Sony


Comflix Studios will continue to produce comic book based content and

add to its growing library of titles through production and the

licensing of intellectual property from both independent and major


Please visit http://www.comflix.net for more details.

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