Comedy Central Comes Under Fire For Jesus Sitcom

There's been nothing more than an announcement so far, but the lack of finished product - or even finished script - isn't going to stand in the way of CARB's right to complain about Comedy Central's planned animated sitcom about Jesus. Yes, I said "CARB."

CARB stands for the Coalition Against Religious Bigotry, and it's a new organization made up of an all-star line-up of the religious and outraged, including the heads of the Media Research Center, Family Research Council, Catholic League, Parents Television Council and American Alliance of Jews and Christians... and, somewhat less impressively, talk radio's Michael Medved, teaming up to form a Justice League of Concernia and protest Comedy Central's disrespect for Christ.

While JC, the Comedy Central project at the center of this controversy, is still in development - and may, in fact, never make it to air for any number of reasons unrelated to this - CARB is perfectly fine with South Park's depiction of Christ to be enough to complain about:CARB's first press conference will be held tomorrow, but the Live Feed blog has the organization's Brent Bozell's statement of intent:

After we reveal the vile and offensive nature of Comedy Central’s previous characterizations of Jesus Christ and God the Father, we expect these advertisers to agree wholeheartedly to end their advertising on Comedy Central and discontinue their support for unabashed, anti-Christian discrimination. Why should they be supporting a business that makes a habit of attacking Christianity and yet has a formal policy to censor anything considered offensive to followers of Islam? This double standard is pure bigotry, one from which advertisers should quickly shy away.

It's like there's almost a good point in there, but I think the answer would be more "support for free speech so that the network can offend everyone," not "let's hit them in the wallet so they'll not offend us, too."

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