Comedian is a One-Man Army in Doomsday Clock #7 Teaser

The second half of DC Comics' crossover event Doomsday Clock begins this week and, to build anticipation, the publisher has released a motion comic recreating a key moment from the previous issue.

The teaser reveals the sixth issue's team-up between the Joker and the Watchmen universe's Mime and Marionette as the Clown Prince of Crime introduces his new partners to a gathering of supervillains under Gotham City with an unconscious Batman in tow.


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As the Riddler attempts to host the unruly group, The Comedian makes his presence known, sniping at the the assembled villains from the shadows, piercing Mr. Freeze's helmet with a well-placed bullet.

The DC-Watchmen crossover had previously revealed the gun-toting antihero had survived his seemingly fatal confrontation with Ozymandias in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' acclaimed series and been transported to the DC Universe by Doctor Manhattan.

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With all of DC's criminal underworld from Lex Luthor to Tattooed Man in now in his sights, no DC supervillain may be safe from The Comedian.

Written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Gary Frank, Doomsday Clock #7 is scheduled to be released on September 26 from DC Comics.

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