Comeback #3

Story by
Art by
Michael Walsh
Colors by
Jordie Bellaire
Letters by
Michael Walsh
Cover by
Image Comics

Ed Brisson and Michael Walsh's "Comeback" had a fun concept right from the start; a company called Reconnect that uses time travel to swap out people who died sudden, unavoidable deaths and bring them back to the present day in secret. Now that the book's reached its third issue, there's a conspiracy that's continuing to unfold that makes the comic more than just an exploration of a good idea.

Don't get me wrong, the biggest attraction to "Comeback" #3 for me is still the ideas on how Reconnect operates. I love the idea of them inserting a corpse into a car accident, for example, and then having to hide the still-living person until they can jump them back into the future. And with little twists about the mechanics of time travel (tumors multiplying and erupting in time travel, minds bending or snapping if you meet yourself), Brisson has packed a lot of careful thought into the overall makeup of "Comeback," and that's a heck of a lot of fun.

But for most readers, you'll need more than just world-building, and Brisson serves up a mystery involving what happens next to the people snatched from their deaths and deposited into the future. It's a good story, and it helps that it's connected into the bigger "how does this work?" mechanics of Reconnect's overall setup. That part's a lot of fun, too, and it keeps "Comeback" #3 attention-grabbing. The one part that doesn't quite work for me just yet are the two main characters, Seth and Mark. Neither of them seem to have much of a concrete personality that grabs me; they're there in service to the plot in order to get these big ideas moving, but that's about it. If this was an ongoing series I'd actually be a little more worried about this, but with just five issues in total, by the time it would potentially get irritating everything will already be over. Instead it's more of a footnote, something that doesn't work but you're willing to put up with.

Walsh's art is interesting; it's got a nice stripped down style but unlike most artists who tackle this direction, has a rough and almost jagged edge. It's a good look, able to tackle close-ups on people hiding in a hotel room, or big moments such as an execution out in the woods. Walsh understands how to tell a story on a visual level; the panel-to-panel progression is nice and the big splashy moments really stand out when they need to. Jordie Bellaire's colors work wonderfully with Walsh; it gives the pages some real depth and richness, and I love the varied styles to make each setting stand apart from one another.

"Comeback" #3 is another good installment in a fun mini-series; it's clever and engaging, and paced just right to fill out a five-issue run. If you like a good time travel story where it's not the journey but rather what you can do with it, you'll want to check out "Comeback." This is a smart comic that'll keep your attention grabbed from start to finish.

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