Comeback #1

Story by
Art by
Michael Walsh
Colors by
Jordie Bellaire
Letters by
Ed Brisson
Cover by
Image Comics

"Comeback" #1 is a comic book thriller that focuses on plot and adventure over exposition, introduction or character building, which adds an extra layer of excitement and mystery to the story.

The debut issue opens with what appears to be a scam being pulled on an elderly man as two strangers appear at his door posing as representatives of the power company. Seth and Mark by name, those characters tip their hand, get a little violent and abduct the elderly gentleman, known as Mr. Fields. Writer Ed Brisson opens up "Comeback" #1 quite a bit, revealing that Seth and Mark work for a time travel company and are currently under contract with Fields' family. What starts off as sinister and cowardly (scamming the elderly) becomes an almost valiant act, quickly flipping this issue on its ear. Brisson doesn't stop there, mixing in extra drama and complications beyond a mere butterfly effect.

The art by Michael Walsh with bold coloring from Jordie Bellaire holds nothing back. This story has some visually exciting moments, but several of the scenes are dominated by talking heads, which are given emotional depth and life by purples and greens, reds and yellows that completely wash over Walsh's strong drawings. Bellaire's colors are alarming yet appropriate, setting the tone for the story quite nicely. Walsh's art reminds me quite a bit of that of Michael Lark, which is fitting given the deceptively civilian appearance of the cast of characters present in this issue. The artist's storytelling and character are great, but given the tightness of the cast and the lack of depth assigned to them in this first issue, I found a pair of characters to be just a little too similar to be anything more than distracting. Given the time travel nature of this story, I couldn't quite determine if I was looking at two versions of the same character or two very similarly drawn characters. That said, Walsh does use a nice range of body types, features and expressions throughout the book, some of which certainly hits much closer to the mark.

"Comeback" #1 is a nice variation to have available. As both of the big two publishers try to add new luster to their franchises with a fresh coat of paint, creative team swap-outs or flatout reboots, creators at Image continue to flip ideas over, looking for new spins on older concepts or newer concepts that instantly feel comfortably compelling. Add this one to the win column for Image Comics who have been tallying up great new concepts rather frequently. Not dissimilar to "Revival" or "Mind the Gap" in the sense that it quickly becomes clear that this first issue barely scratches the top of the longer narrative, "Comeback" #1 is filled with just enough teases and hooks to draw me back for future issues. Like those other series, the best time to start is right now.

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