ComcisOne brings you a contemporary 'Call of the Wild' with 'Black Leopard'

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[Black Leopard]San Jose, CA - July 10, 2003 The California based comic book publisher who is quickly paving the way for Chinese translated kung fu graphic novels is at it again! ComicsOne has recently announced that they will kick off the fall season with Black Leopard - Wing Shing Ma's contemporary kung fu epic.

In an effort to change gears and broaden the kung fu fan base, ComicsOne has chosen a very different type of comic from the creative genius of Wing Shing Ma (Storm Riders and Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre). You'll find no sword and fantasy themes here. Readers are in for a more down to earth, yet no less kinetic adventure. More akin to a modern day kung fu movie, Black Leopard is energy charged. It blends powerful martial arts action similar to that found in films like the Matrix and Jet Li's The One, with action movie themes including special task forces and espionage complete with intense bullet-riddled gun battles and white-knuckle car chases.

Black Leopard follows the adventures of an elite task force dealing in intense covert special ops missions. The group is lead by Yee Tie a.k.a. - Black Leopard. Yee is a battle-hardened assassin trained under the most torturous conditions. His will is unbreakable, yet he has just learned that he and his most deadly enemies share a past which cannot be denied. A relationship with two of the world's most dangerous men and Yee's commitment to serve his country are on an explosive collision course with Black Leopard caught in the middle.

Black Leopard has been referred to as the modern day Storm Riders. The cutting edged artistic style and riveting storyline have made Black Leopard one of Hong Kong's best selling comic book titles. U.S. fans of gun-toting kung fu masters such as Ryoichi Ikegami's Crying Freeman won't want to miss out on all the action from ComicsOne and Wing Shing Ma this fall season!


Volume One of Black Leopard is available in September 2003. The full color 160 page graphic novels will be priced at $14.95. Visit www.comicsone.com for more detailed series information.

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