Comcast Set to Move Ahead With Fox Bid Following AT&T/Time Warner Decision

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Now that a judge has approved the AT&T and Time Warner merger, Comcast is expected to finally place an all-cash offer to try and acquire 21st Century Fox.

As reported by Deadline, investors are expecting Comcast's new bid for 21st Century Fox "any minute now." Prior to the announcement of a deal between Disney and Fox, it was reported that one of the key reasons Fox rejected Comcast's initial bid was because the company feared the deal would fall through due to antitrust concerns. The approval of AT&T and Time Warner's merger works in Comcast's favor, spurring it to finalize its all-cash offer, which is said to be in the "advanced stages."

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While the Disney and Fox deal has been underway since December 2017, when it was officially announced by both parties, it's far from complete. The deal still needs to go through a review process, and -- should everything remain on track -- the earliest the deal could be finalized is summer 2019.

Disney CEO Bob Iger has previously addressed the reports of Comcast's plans to out-bid Disney, stating he was "confident" in the latter's offer and the studio would remain optimistic about its ability to close a deal that shareholders were said to view favorably. Of course, that was prior to the court's ruling on the AT&T and Time Warner merger today. According to investment banker Lloyd Grief, all hell is going to break loose now; he also went on to say, "Should be interesting, although I certainly wouldn’t count Disney out."

Comcast is planning to offer a $60 billion all-cash offer, which would top Disney's $52.4 billion all-stock offer for a majority of 21st Century Fox. The new bid from Comcast is expected to be made within the next 24 to 48 hours, potentially spelling trouble for the Mouse House. For now, all eyes are on Comcast as fans await the company's next move.

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