REPORT: Comcast Readying Cash Bid to Upend Fox-Disney Deal

After losing out on their initial bid, Comcast is said to be readying yet another bid for 21st Century Fox that could upend Disney's deal with the company.

According to CNBC, Comcast is currently in talks with banks to make an all-cash offer for 21st Century Fox that would essentially upend Disney's current deal with the studio. Disney and Fox previously announced a deal back in December, which saw the Mouse House seek to acquire a majority of the company for an astounding $52 billion. That deal is currently in the review process, with many believing the earliest it could be finalized is by Summer 2019. Should Comcast’s latest deal -- an all cash offer -- go through, however, it appears any hopes fans had of seeing the X-Men and Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may simply be a pipe dream.

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Of course, it’s worth noting that Comcast has made repeated attempts to purchase 21st Century Fox -- including one offer after the deal between Disney and Fox was announced. However, 21st Century Fox ultimately rejected Comcast's offers due to antitrust concerns. After its bids fell through, the company still sought to purchase European pay-TV group Sky, offering up $21 billion, which is said to be 16% higher than the bid received by Fox's Rupert Murdoch. Comcast is looking to its financial partners behind the Sky offer to increase the bridge financing facility it has already set up for that offer by at least $60 billion in hopes that an all cash offer will help them outbid Walt Disney Studios.

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It could be a bit, however, before any offer is officially submitted, though, as it’s said that Comcast isn’t looking to make the offer just yet. The company is reportedly awaiting a ruling from a US judge sometime next month regarding U.S. telecommunications provider AT&T's planned acquisition of media conglomerate Time Warner before it makes a cash offer for 21st Century Fox.

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