Colton's growing collection of manga and more

If it's Saturday, it must be Shelf Porn. Today's collection comes from Colton, a 17-year-old with a collection of manga, comics, video games and more.

If you’d like to submit your collection to Shelf Porn, scroll down to the end of the post to find out how. Now let's hear from Colton ...


Hello, my name is Colton. I have been collecting manga for a long time, and within the past few years I have gotten into comics as well. I first started collecting manga when i purchased the first seven volumes of Naruto from a friend when I was in the sixth grade, and I eventually began to stop trading in my video games and movies and focusing more on collecting all the things I liked. That's what led me to collecting video games, comics, movies, music, and some cards. I began to get serious about collecting around the age of 15 and here I am now 17 with a collection filled with gaps that I am still ever so proud of. I also apologize for the image quality the camera I use is far from the best.


Thanks Colton! If you’d like to see your collection featured here on Robot 6, here’s what you need to do:

1. Take some photos and save them as jpgs.2. Write a little something about your collection3. Send them to me in an email.

Some additional tips:

1. Although we don’t have a minimum or maximum limit on photos, usually 10-15 should suffice. They also don’t need to be huge, so if you can shrink them down so they are less than 1000 x 1000, that would be great. You can help make your collection look nice by being sure to focus, use the right lighting, dust your shelves beforehand, etc.2. You can either write something up that’ll appear at the beginning of the post, or you can describe each item. Be sure to indicate where each image should be placed within your write-up, but don’t embed the images into a Word doc. Just put the file name in brackets where you want the image to appear.3. When sending images using something like YouSendIt or DropBox, please keep in mind that I may not get to your submission for a month or more, so make sure you don’t delete them or that they won’t expire.4. Please include your name (just your first name is fine) and location with your write-up.

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