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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Peter Pantazis

Astro City #37
Preview: Astro City #37
3 Comic Previews
The Broken Man returns, revealing secrets that will draw you deep into his broken life, and into turn-of-the-century Astro City, when it was still Romeyn Falls, Dame Progress patrolled the …
Astro City #32
Review: Astro City #32
3 Comic Reviews
In "Astro City" #32, Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson kick off a sequel to their "Tarnished Angel" storyline from the late '90s, and this return to superpowered crime noir is even more enjoyable than fans could hope.
Aquaman #39
Review: Aquaman #39
3 Comic Reviews
There is no Jason Momoa to be found in the pages of Jeff Parker's and Paul Pelletier's "Aquaman" #39 -- just the old-school, blonde-haired King of Atlantis trying to talk to his mother.
Lobo #5
Preview: Lobo #5
3 Comic Previews
As Lobo grows closer to preventing the destruction of Earth, an old foe returns and reveals Lobo’s role in the destruction of his home world.
Earth 2 #30
Review: Earth 2 #30
3 Comic Reviews
Marguerite Bennett, Mike Johnson and a team of artists put forth an inconsistent and fragmented "Earth 2" #30 that tangentially fits within the ongoing story, featuring some decent art overlaid with hurried stories and sloppy scripting.
Earth 2 #30
Preview: Earth 2 #30
3 Comic Previews
As the Avatars of Earth 2, led by Green Lantern, try to defend the planet from the forces of Apokolips, find out how these heroes became the protectors of their …
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