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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Lisa Moore

Regular Show #40
Preview: Regular Show #40
3 Comic Previews
It’s the final issue after three years of Regular Show comics! It’s up to everyone’s favorite park employees Mordecai and Rigby to save the getting Benson to save the world!
Garfield 2016 Summer Special #1
Preview: Garfield 2016 Summer Special #1
3 Comic Previews
Everyone’s favorite, lasagna-lovin’, Monday-hatin’, lazy, Fat Cat stars in this new, summertime one-shot special that collects four, never-before-seen short stories. Stories include Garfield venturing out as a Nighttime Crusader, fighting …
Regular Show #32
Preview: Regular Show #32
3 Comic Previews
Rigby and Skips battle for survival in the Crystal Colosseum as Mordecai and Benson work together to steal the Crystal King’s magical jewel. It’s a prison break from the prettiest …
Garfield TPB, vol. #7
Preview: Garfield TPB, vol. #7
3 Comic Previews
Featuring Garfield playing dentist, searching for his Orange Meringue Pie, and running from the returning Lasagna Monster & the Fantastical Foods of Fear, this extra-large collection of Garfield comics is …
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