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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Ariel Olivetti

Brutal Nature #3
Preview: Brutal Nature #3
3 Comic Previews
ICH’s people are under attack! The Spaniards continue to raze villages in an attempt to draw out the shapeshifting warrior. Now, ICH intends to give them what they want… he’s …
One-Hit Wonder #2
Review: One-Hit Wonder #2
3 Comic Reviews
As Fabrice Sapolsky and Ariel Olivetti continue to tell a story of a child star turned hitman in "One-Hit Wonder" #2, the one thing that's still unclear is if you're supposed to like the protagonist or not.
G.I. Combat
Review: G.I. Combat
3 Comic Reviews
"G. I. Combat" #0 has the Unknown Soldier in one story and dinosaurs in the other. I'm not sure where the series goes from here, but this one is enjoyable enough.
Iron Man 2.0 #9
Preview: Iron Man 2.0 #9
3 Comic Previews
War Machine has made an enemy for the ages – and the explosive Palmer Addley mystery races toward deadly consequences! The villain’s secrets are revealed…but does this give Rhodey the …
X-Force #16
Preview: X-Force #16
3 Comic Previews
“MESSIAH WAR” The MESSIAH WAR’s final battle has begun, but both Wolverine and Cable know the horrible truth…they simply cannot win. Stryfe is too powerful and Bishop’s plan to kill …
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