Colorist Morry Hollowell Signs Exclusive with Marvel

Official Press Release

Marvel Comics is proud to announce they> '> ve extended and exclusive contract to colorist Morry Hollowell!

Hollowell's pervasive palette has been seen gracing Marvel Knights project like the acclaimed 4. The colorist is a graduate of the famed Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art and gained his first professional work at CrossGen on their Meridian series.

Marvel Editor-in-Chief stresses the importance of color art in comics. "In some ways coloring is a subconscious art, one that hits your brain in different ways from the line art. Morry> '> s work has been stupendous and I think a lot more people are going to be sitting up and taking notice of it.> "> Says Hollowell of his present and future work: "I'm currently working on Ultimate Secret with Steve McNiven. We work really well as a team and keep in contact with each other constantly. Our future project may not be mentionable but I think I can say it's still in the Ultimateverse!"

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