"Colonia" returns this summer, ships bi-monthly

Official Press Release

This summer and fall will see Colonia in full sail with a new story arc taking place in the intriguing port town of Cartier, where Jack and his companions are filled with hopes of returning to sea. A few obstacles will stand in the way however, in the form of characters both familiar and unfamiliar.

Creator Jeff Nicholson was concerned about the impact of this story being lost on a slow release schedule. Instead of working on each issue to completion one by one, Jeff wrote, thumbnailed, layed out and lettered the whole 67 page novelette as a whole, in anticipation of releasing them more rapid fire as the inking was done. This will probably be one of the more cohesive runs on the series since the first three issues were released.

In issue #9's "Oddities," Jack and company arrive at the Pelican Inn, where the barmaid bears a striking resemblance to Teela the mermaid from previous issues. Melmo the confounding beast has a conversation with Adarro down at the docks, and down-and-out pirates Stuart and Marco try and sell our heroes a ship. Their plans are interrupted in issue #10's "Familiar Slumber." There are rumors of an old man in the hills, who, like Jack and his uncles, seems 300 years out of place. His name? What else … Rip Van Winkle. They take a detour to find him with hopes he has a clue to how they arrived in the world of Colonia in the first place. Their discovery is perhaps the most surprising twist yet on this compelling tale.

They finally procure a ship in issue #11, but now the entire town of Cartier is being held hostage by the notorious pirate "Smokebeard," unless some brave individual will deliver him a chest of medicine. Cinnabar rises to the occasion, and Teela the mermaid has a run-in with Jack. Jeff delivers a great shake-up ending on this story arc, setting up anticipation of further intrigue and new horizons to explore.

Issues 9, 10, and 11 will hit the stands July, September and November of 2004. Both 9 and 10 are $2.95 for 24 pages, 11 is $3.50 for 32 pages. All are written and illustrated by 6-time Eisner nominee Jeff Nicholson. http://www.coloniapress.com/

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