Colleen Doran Shares Lost X-Men Art Featuring Multiple Man

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If you think you know all there is to know about the X-Men, think again. Recently, writer/artist Colleen Doran shared art from a lost Marvel Comics mini-series from the late '80s -- art that features a contemporary take on a fan favorite X-Men character.

The image in question is an oil painting of Jamie Madrox, a superhero also known as Multiple Man. In her tweet, Doran says that she created the piece for a Marvel mini-series that never saw the light of day. Whether or not that mini-series was an X-Men one, or even one featuring Jamie Madrox in a starring role, remains unknown.

Jamie Madrox himself was at an odd point in his publication history in the late '80s. The character last appeared in 1987's "Fallen Angels" limited series and wouldn't pop up again until 1991, when he joined the cast of "X-Factor." If this mini-series had gone to publication, it would have been the character's sole appearance during that stretch of time.

While Doran's Multiple Man art didn't hit comic book stores, she did make appearances on a few X-books in that era. Doran illustrated two X-Men comics in 1990: "X-Factor" #55 and "Excalibur" #28. She returned to Marvel's mutants a few more times, illustrating 2000's "Mutant X" annual and creating a Storm story in 2002's "X-Men: Millennial Visions" #2.

Doran is a comics veteran known for her work on DC's "Sandman" "Wonder Woman" and "Shade, The Changing Man" as well as 1991's graphic novel adaptation of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" and her work on Tori Amos' "Comic Book Tattoo." More recently her work has been seen in the pages of DC's "Justice League 3001" and Valiant's "Faith."

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