Collages mash-up real-life and fictional superheroes

Eleven Fine Art in London kicks off an exhibit called "Supermen- An Exhibition of Heroes" Sept. 16, which features collages of real-life heroes made from fragments of comic books.

In honor of the tenth anniversary of Sept. 11, Ben Turnbull's collages "celebrates the real life heroes, the firemen, and policemen who protect us everyday, in iconic new images meticulously constructed from fragments of fictional superheroes including Captain America, Daredevil, and The Fantastic Four as well as Batman, Spiderman (sic), and the Hulk," according to the gallery's website.

"The life-changing events of 9/11 led us all to believe in the need for real life superheroes," Turnbull said on the site. "Superman didn’t fly down to save the falling buildings, there was no Caped Crusader ready to do battle with the arch-enemy and Spidey didn’t spin his web. Without the need of a phone-booth or a revolving door these true patriots donned their iconic costumes and sacrificed life and limb for what they believed in. With every cut-comic hero and dialogue I hope to bring out the true merits of the Brave and the Bold in their fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way."

You can check out more of the artwork here. The exhibit runs through Oct. 22.

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