Colin Farrell & Toni Colette Join Fright Night

Director Craig Gilespie has already cast Terminator Salvation actor Anton Yelchin in his remake of Fright Night, and now In Bruges star Colin Farrell and The United States of Tara lead Toni Collette are contributing some scares in pivotal roles.

Deadline reports that Farrell will play a "charming bloodsucker who tries to talk his horror film fanatic neighbor [into believing] that he is a vampire who has come to drain the populace" -- in other words, he's playing Jerry Dangridge, the vampire role originally occupied by Chris Sarandon.

Collette, according to Heat Vision, plays the mother of Yelchin's character. She initially disapproves of next door neighbor Jerry, but ultimately finds herself compelled to the mystery man's magnetic charms. As a result, she doesn't believe her son's insistence that Jerry is secretly a vampire.

Perhaps I'm alone here, but I actually think Fright Night is shaping up to be a pretty fun remake.

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