Colin Farrell Talks <i>Total Recall</i> And <i>Fright Night</i> Remakes

Colin Farrell isn't necessarily the first actor that comes to mind when thinking of possible Arnold Schwarzenegger replacements, but it appears that the Irish performer is nonetheless stepping into the former Governator's shoes for a remake of Total Recall.

Well... maybe. Speaking with Collider, Farrell said that he doesn't know if he'll hop aboard the developing Total Recall remake, though he's certainly intrigued.

"There’s a good bit of action. I don’t know that it’s… it kind of sits on the fence in a really good way. It kind of sticks to one half or the other.  It’s clever. It’s clever and it’s well written. And there’s loads of action. I saw some of pre-visualizations already, that have been done for the world that they’re going to create and it’s wicked man. It’s the first time in years where I went, ‘Wowww, I could be part of that? In that frame?’ It’s gone back to the original. Am I definitely doing that, are you going to ask? I dunno. I dunno."

Farrell says he's more than aware of skepticism towards the Total Recall remake, largely because he himself was initially skeptical.

"Same here. And look, I got to be curious every time I go to work. And if I or any actors had a formula for what was going to be artistically successful or financially and commercially successful and all those things, we’d all score out of the ballpark critically and out of the ballpark financially every time. Or at least you’d choose one and you’d be cognizant of which one you’re choosing and you’d be a success at that of the two. There’s no formula. I’m curious every time I go to work.  I’m curious to go to work on Total Recall as well. Script is cool. Script is smart."

Speaking of remakes, the actor briefly discussed his work on Fright Night, saying that he wasn't interested in yet another Hollywood remake -- until he read the script, that is.

"I didn’t want to like it when I read it.  I really didn’t.  Cause I wanted to be able to go, “what they’re remaking Fright Night…Hollywood.”  So I read it and I liked it.  So fuck it, I’m going to go to work. 

"If it’s not that than it’s not…but it’s not in competition with the original.  It doesn’t negate the existence of the original.  The original is still around.  It might find a new audience.  If it’s not an hour and fifty minutes of entertainment than we screwed up."

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