Colin Farrell Is The New Arnold Schwarzenegger

Columbia Pictures and director Len Wiseman's forthcoming remake of Total Remake is not a dream. Indeed, it's taken one step closer to reality with the possible casting of Colin Farrell in the lead role.

The Irish actor has been offered the opportunity to inhabit the role originally occupied by Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Total Recall reboot, reports Variety. The offer was reportedly made last week and Farrell is currently in negotiations for the part. If he wins the role, he'll not only succeed Schwarzenegger, he'll also have surpassed other notable actors that were considered for the part including Inception star Tom Hardy and future X-Men: First Class bad guy Michael Fassbender.

Based on the short story "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" by acclaimed author Philip K. Dick, Total Recall tells the story of a man who can't stop dreaming about himself visiting Mars. It turns out that the dreams are much more real than that, opening the door for a high-stakes science fiction adventure filled with traitorous taxi drivers and three-boobed ladies.

There's also Kuato. How could we ever forget Kuato?

For the record, yes, any day that you get to write about Kuato from Total Recall singing "Chocolate Rain" is a very good day indeed.

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