Cold Heat: now online and free

The first four issues of Cold Heat, the hallucinatory comic, written by Ben Jones and drawn by Frank Santoro, is now available online for free. What is Cold Heat you ask? I'll let the creators answer that question:

Cold Heat is the story of Castle, an 18 year old girl who embarks on a life altering adventure through anti-depressants, corporate rock'n'roll, globalization and sex.

Cold Heat is a hypnotically tranced out, maximum volume take on the action/adventure genre that stays out all night and doesn't come home until the party's over and it's time to crash.

Cold Heat is a ten issue comic book series. Issue 5 will be available to read online in March 2009, with new issues to follow each month.

Originally serialized in 2006-07 by PictureBox, publication had to be halted due to poor sales, though an eventual trade collection was planned (the Web site doesn't seem to have any news on that front). Seriously, if you haven't had the chance to read this amazing and highly original work yet, this is a fantastic opportunity to do so.

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