Cold Heat is back and there's going to be trouble

Attentive readers may remember that I mentioned that the first several issues of Cold Heat, the comic book series by Ben Jones and Frank Santoro, were available for free online. Now, the duo have released chapters five and six of their ongoing saga in honest-to-god paper comic book  form after a lengthy hiatus. Santoro explains:

This is a big climax issue. We decided that after the long wait we would put the story arc that unfolds over issues 5 and 6 together. I think it reads extremely well as a double issue. It's a megablast of raw power and I'm proud of what Ben and I have crafted for you. We know it's been two years almost to the day since the last issue came out. Please forgive us. The complete collection will be out sometime but until then we are releasing the series as it was originally intended to be released: as serialized installments. We like how the issues, the page counts CONTAIN the story and want to retain that for the remainder of the series. It's a formal choice. We want to make comic books. Comic books are 24 pages usually. There's an inherent "pace" that we're playing with and in this double issue we really turn up the volume, quicken the pace and exploit the arc of the standard comic book. It's a thrilling ride. I promise: these issues live up to the hype. We killed it.

Interested parties can get a copy of the comic through PictureBox. If you need further inducement, Derik Badman raves about the issue here.

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