Colbert Discusses "Captain America" #25

As we reported yesterday, Marvel Comics' "Captain America" #25 has been garnering lots of attention for the apparent death of its lead character. We spoke with writer Ed Brubaker yesterday and Editor In Chief Joe Quesada earlier today, but now Marvel is reporting that popular comedian Stephen Colbert will tackle Captain America's death on "The Colbert Report," tonight on the Comedy Central cable network, during this "The Word" segment.

This isn't the first time that Colbert has tackled comic books on his show. He's constantly open about his love for comics and has spotlighted Marvel's "Civil War" in a previous show, where he interviewed Quesada, who told CBR News he was excited about the appearance. This high profile spotlight for "Captain America" will likely only add to the fervor surrounding the comic and upcoming "Fallen Son" tie in issues.

Fans should also remember that Colbert has a "Tek Jansen" comic coming out from Oni Press later this year. Rumor has it that if you don't buy it, you're "on notice."

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