Coheed and Cambria's Claudio Sanchez vinyl figure debuts next week

Official Press Release

Claudio Sanchez, singer/guitarist for the mega rock group Coheed and Cambria has long been a comic book author, now he can add “Toy Creator” to his resume.

Kill Audio, a 7 1/2” self-caricature vinyl toy, is the newest arrival from Sanchez’s Evil Ink Comics/VinylCut Toys.

The toy began as an online comic strip earlier this year that follows the antics of lead character, Kill Audio, a humorous, immortal little troll who seeks his purpose in life. Supported by his wildly eccentric posse, (including his nemesis/friend ‘Fix-ler,’ who constantly challenges Kill Audio’s immortality with futile murder attempts,) Kill Audio traipses across a hip, musical landscape full of hilarious events, resulting in what sometimes feels like Ralph Bakshi’s adaptation of the Wizard of Oz meets Fat Albert.

Asked how the whole idea came about, Sanchez explains "The idea for the doll actually came first. I wanted to do a 'likeness doll', but not just a doll with a guitar in his hand. It had to have more personality and stand alone as a vinyl figure," Sanchez continued.  "I played around with the name Kill Audio and ended up with a character who is not only being constantly killed himself, but later in the story finds hidden meaning in his namesake. The whole idea just snowballed from there. I couldn't be happier with the way it came together." The story will continue as a print comic book in 2009.

The November 10th official debut of the toy will mark the first in a series of Kill Audio’s near-death predicaments — in this round, he has been attacked by angry knives — and will be available in a “Bloody version” and gore-free “non-Bloody version.” Kill Audio will be distributed by DKE Toys Distribution and cost around $40. Check with your local designer toy store for purchase.

In July, Sanchez sold all 65 of a gold ‘variant’ of the doll at San Diego Comic Con, causing several to appear and sell on Ebay for over $300 a piece.

For more info on Kill Audio, go to http://www.myspace.com/killaudiovinyl

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