Coffee company serves up a <i>Watchmen</i> lawsuit

The Watchmen movie is just a lightning rod for litigation, isn't it?

This time, though, it's not another movie studio suing Warner Bros., but a coffee company.

Eriq Gardner reports that Virginia-based beverage company Massimo Zanetti has filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros., DC Comics and Organic Coffee Cartel, accusing them of trademark infringement in one of the movie's scenes.

Massimo Zanetti thinks the label of Veidt Industries' Nite Owl Dark Roast, shown briefly when tenants rescued from a fire are given coffee in the Owl Ship, closely resembles the design of its own Chock Full O' Nuts brand.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction against further exploitation of the mark -- Organic Coffee Cartel, owned by Watchmen: Portrait photographer Clay Enos, produced a limited run of the fictional brand -- and a share of the movie's profits.

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