"Codeflesh" moves to Funk-O-Tron this November

Official Press Release

[Double Take]Joe Casey and Charlie Adlard's hard-hitting tale of a super villain bail bondsman is moving to Funk-O-Tron! Future chapters of Codeflesh will appear in Double Take the book that began shipping in July from Funk-O-Tron. "Double Take was conceived as a rotating double feature type book, with two 12 page stories in each issue," says Publisher, Robert Kirkman. "When the Codeflesh property started looking for a home, Double Take made the perfect fit."

Filling out the second half of this book will be Rex Mantooth: Kung Fu Gorilla from Creators Matt Fraction and Andy Kuhn. Matt and Andy have promised to put together a thrill ride that will not soon be forgotten. "The script alone is one of the funniest and most entertaining things I've ever read. I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with publishing stories that outshine my own writing ability," quips Kirkman, "but it's just too good to pass up!" Backing the superb writing of Matt Fraction, artist Andy Kuhn will be in charge of bringing Rex Mantooth to life on the printed page. "I'm really excited about this," exclaims Kirkman, "Andy has done work for all the major publishers including Marvel, DC, and Image…Besides it's about a giant monkey, and we all know you can't go wrong with monkeys in this industry!"

The Codeflesh / Mantooth - Double Take will run monthly for three issues starting in November. "This is an exciting time here at Funk-O-Tron," says Kirkman. We're kicking things into high gear and this is just the first of many new projects we'll be announcing in the coming months."

Look for Funk-O-Tron titles, Double Take, Battle Pope, and Inkpunks at a comic shop near you.

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