Code Geass: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

Manga and anime are engrossing forms of entertainment, and it is especially engaging when you come across a truly fantastic story. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is one of those staggering stories that can make anyone appreciate the art of anime. The storytelling is so nuanced that even people new to watching anime can become addicted to the series. Unfortunately for fans, Code Geass left some unanswered questions behind. There are story-lines that became abandoned once the series ended (rather conclusively) after two "seasons." Read on if you want to know about all those tantalizing story-lines that Code Geass left unresolved.

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10 The Creation Of Geass And Codes

When Lelouch first encounters C.C., the mystic ways of his newfound Geass powers are unknown even to him. As is usually the way with anime, answers to our burning questions are slowly given to us, drip by agonizing drip. We learn alongside Lelouch how his Geass works. However, how beings that possess Geass or Codes were brought about is never truly explained. We learn how C.C. specifically got her Geass and eventually earned her Code powers. We see her experiences through a flashback. But how the initial cycle of Code and Geass came about is never properly resolved or explained.

9 The Eventual Fate Of Lelouch

The original anime ends somewhat happily, with Lelouch's plans for a prosperous life for his sister, Nunnally, coming to fruition. His victory comes at the cost of his own life. He orchestrates his own demise in a rather brilliant effort to make Nunnally the most popular ruler to take his place.

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The anime ends leaving viewers confused as to whether or not Lelouch survived. The story strongly hints that he might have lived on, albeit as a different version of himself. (If that makes little to no sense, it is because you haven't watched the anime through to its conclusion. It does make sense... eventually.)

8 The Progression Of Lelouch's Geass

Funnily enough, even though the story revolves around Geass, explanations as to how individual Geass function are sparse. Established rules regarding Geass appear to be randomly broken. Of all the unresolved story-lines in Code Geass, those centering on Geass are the most prolific. For example, Lelouch's Geass reaches a state where he cannot control it. His ability to command people becomes as uncontrollable as breathing to him. Making imperative statements suddenly takes on the full strength of his Geass. We understand that it happens, but the "why" is never fully resolved.

7 How V.V. Got His Geass Contract

The big villain of Code Geass ends up being V.V., Lelouch's uncle. For the first season, we were under the impression that Lelouch's father was the main antagonist. Instead, V.V. ends up being the real bad guy. As an immortal, V.V. looks like a very young child with unnaturally long hair. Despite his appearance, he's an intelligent mastermind. Unfortunately, he uses his intelligence to hurt people. An unresolved story-line of the series is an explanation as to how and why V.V. got his powers. (Seriously, who in their right mind would have given that little snot a Geass Contract?)

6 Nunnally's Ability To Learn Lelouch's Thoughts

It's nice and all that Nunnally learned about the sacrifices her brother made for her happiness. It makes the ending bittersweet. Sure Lelouch got himself killed, but at least he did it so that she could be happy. Nunnally finds out about Lelouch's intentions at the very end, right before he passes.

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She touches him, and it's like she is granted momentary telepathy. She sees his experiences and understands his motivations in an instant. So yeah, that's sweet and all, but no explanation is ever given for this happening. And since the show ended in the next few minutes, fans never got a resolution for it.

5 The Real Reason Behind Nina's Euphemia Obsession

Ah, Nina. In the first season of Code Geass, she was this shy quiet girl who suddenly developed an obsessive crush on Princess Euphemia. And when we say "obsessive," we mean obsessive. (Everyone remembers that infamous table scene, right?) And while we can understand Nina's hero worship of the noble Euphemia, the extent to which she took it is incredibly insane.

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The storyline regarding Nina's obsession feels incomplete by the end of the series. She crushed on Euphemia for a short time, was devastated by her death, and then spent to rest of her life dealing with the consequences of her emotions.

4 Pizza Hut's Existence In The Code Geass Universe

Perhaps the most devious and puzzling of unresolved story-lines in Code Geass is why Pizza Hut exists in this alternate timeline. Pizza Hut is a chain of restaurants that exists in the actual world. It was created in the United States in the late 1950s, and it later expanded to other parts of the world. However, whenever Lelouch orders a pizza for C.C.  (or when C.C. orders one for herself), there is a big fat Pizza Hut logo on the box. How could that exist if the Holy Britannian Empire conquered most of the known world? This is clearly a story-line that deserved to be resolved.

3 The Disappearance Of A Geass

The rules of Geass are never thoroughly explained. C.C. sure knows how to keep a secret. Fans of the series have had to glean what little information they can from outside sources or from watching the show repeatedly looking for indirect hints.

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One aspect of Code Geass' story that appears to be missing is the explanation for how a Geass disappears once a person becomes a Code Bearer. When a Code Bearer gives a Geass to someone else for the first time, their own Geass just... disappears.

2 Nunnally's Survival Of The F.L.E.I.J.A. Blast

F.L.E.I.J.A. stands for the Field Limitary Effective Implosion Armament. Nina Einstein created this device that essentially functions as a large bomb. In the second season, we are led to believe that Nunnally was killed in a F.L.E.I.J.A. explosion. The story very strongly wants you to believe this. However, as later episodes show us, Nunnally survived the explosion. To this day, we still have no clue how exactly she got out of the blast range in time.

1 The Mystery Of C.C.'s Real Name

Of all the things Code Geass left unanswered, the absolute worst was the mystery of C.C.'s actual name. It comes as no surprise that she wasn't originally called C.C. (That would be a very weird name.) However, we as viewers never get to find out what her real name is. Lelouch overhears it when she murmurs it in her sleep, but the rest of us are left to wonder in agonizing curiosity. And unless they release a third season of Code Geass, the world will never know.

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