Cobra Kai Season 2 Trailer Teases the Series' Growing Miyagi-verse

The decades-old martial arts rivalry between Daniel Russo and Johnny Lawrence reaches a fever pitch in the first full trailer for YouTube's Cobra Kai Season 2.

The new trailer shows the return of Johnny's original Cobra Kai sensei and mentor John Kreese as the resurgent karate dojo begins to make waves across the community.

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"Cobra Kai is back where it belongs. Back on top," Kreese declares  in the trailer. "But the real story's only just begun."

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In response, Johnny's old nemesis Daniel opens his own dojo, named Miyagi-do in honor of his own late mentor Mr. Miyagi. As the two rival schools take on more and more students, including Daniel's daughter and Johnny's estranged son, the tension erupts into full-on violence with brawls seen at the local shopping mall and other settings. While Daniel and Johnny may have transitioned from students into teachers themselves, the two men come to blows once again.

Cobra Kai Season 2 returns for YouTube Premium subscribers on April 24. The season sees the return of Zabka and Macchio in their iconic roles, as well Martin Kove reprising his Karate Kid role as the Cobra Kai sensei John Kreese.

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