CNN's Anderson Cooper to Appear in Edmondson & Noto's "Black Widow" #12

Marvel.com reports that real-life CNN anchor Anderson Cooper will play a major role in Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto's "Black Widow" #12 in his Marvel Universe debut. According to Edmondson, Cooper and his show "Anderson Cooper 360°" will serve as a "catalyst for a major event in Black Widow's journey."

"As a result of the way in which he exposes her and some of her actions, we're going to see some pretty significant things change in her world," Edmondson told Marvel.com. "We will more importantly see a fundamental change within her as she has to face a world that is now increasingly aware of her. It's Anderson doing what he does best: looking for the truth and reporting on events. We imagine that in Black Widow's world, as would be the case with many other Avengers, things she does can't be ignored by the media and all it takes is somebody who knows how to ask the right questions to make her world very uncomfortable for her but in a way that is perhaps not unjust."

Edmondson further stated that Cooper is a comic book fan, and was "thrilled with the idea" of being directly involved in the book's story.

"I approached Anderson because I'm a fan of his," Edmondson said. "I've always thought that he's been an excellent journalist and in my limited experience with him via mutual friends I've heard nothing but good things. I've always held him in high regard both in a personal and professional way.

"I think that when we were talking about somebody that would approach something shrewdly but fairly and approach such a hot button topic as an Avenger who's been doing some questionable things, that he's the kind of journalist that I would want taking the lead and the kind of news outlet," he continued. "A personal fandom element on my side and also I think that his track record and the kind of stories that he's gone after in the past [as well as] his very significant public persona made him the right choice and made his outlet the right opportunity to both bring a great deal of exposure to the book at the turn of a new arc and to have a lot of fun."

"Black Widow" #12 hits stores in November.

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