CN Expo 2005 Photo Parade

On the weekend of August 26th-28th, The Metro Toronto Convention Centre played host to the Canadian National Expo which comprised Comics, Sci-Fi, Anime, Horror and Gaming all under one roof with such guests as Elijah Wood, James Marsters, Margot Kidder, Erica Durance, Neal Adams, Jhonen Vasquez, Frank Quitely, Carlos Pacheco, Mark Bagley, Clive Barker, J. Michael Stracynski, Steve McNiven, Kevin Sorbo, Crispin Glover and tons more.

The event was extremely well attended, but being one of the later Cons in the year saw a large number of people being, simply, "conned out." The mix of sensory overload and late night partying left many of us feeling beat before the day even begun.

The programming consisted of several screenings, intimate & interactive sessions with various actors and for the comics fans; Q&A Sessions, Cool School Classes and Sketch Duels.

As it pertains to news, very little was confirmed, however, it seems that as of Saturday a slew of poor reporting and bad rumours had already broke online 'causing a number of frantic calls to an innocent C.B. Cebulski in Toronto. Here's what you can consider actually confirmed:

"Marvel Mangaverse" will return in 2006, the trades did quite well.

Official announcements to be confirmed in future issues of Wizard [Including the issue Released This Last Week] and at Wizard World Boston include the new creative team of "The Ultimates," the next writer on "Ultimate X-Men" before Bryan Singer begins his run and the first piece of "Moon Knight" art to be released by David Finch.

The "Moon Knight" series will not dwell heavily on his Egyptian ties, though there is a statue that talks to him.

Mark Bagley is hilarious.

Very few artists enjoy drawing Iron Man.

Skottie Young has similar difficulty with Nova's helmet.

C.B. Cebulski and David Finch will be doing a story in an upcoming issue of "Spider-Man Unlimited."

The Hulk will play a pivotal role in the Marvel Universe after the ripples of the "House Of M" storyline conclude.

The author of the forthcoming "Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine" will be announced within the next couple of weeks in the mainstream media, most likely USA Today.

Steve McNiven will draw Bryan Singer's run on "Ultimate X-Men".

Following Warren Ellis' Ultimate Trilogy, Bendis will be writing "Ultimate Invasion."

"Silver Surfer" will be returning in a series fully painted by Esad Ribic.

From DC, not as many forthcoming details;

Mogul will be appearing in forthcoming issues of "Green Lantern."

Dale Eaglesham does have a new project lined up following "Villains United," but even he doesn't know what it is yet.

There will be plenty of new projects over the next year from such publishers as Speakeasy and Arcana Studios. Look for official announcements once details have been finalized. Also be sure you pay attention for further information on the just recently announced "Apocalipstix," a "kind a post-nuclear Josie and the Pussycats" story from Oni Press by Ray Fawkes & Cameron Stewart.

We were there, hosting panels and taking pictures, not a lot of pictures mind you, but check out the following for a little taste of the 2005 Canadian National Expo:




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