C'mon get happy with "Too Much Coffee Man: How To Be Happy" coming in June

Official Press Release

Too Much Coffee Man has been percolating in the comics underground for years now,

and like everything else that was once "alternative," he's sold out, been used by the man

(as an advertising tool for Hewlitt Packard and Converse, among others), and is now

middle-aged, depressed, broke, and cynical. Who better to write a book, then, called How

to be Happy?

In this, Shannon Wheeler's most timely and funniest book to date, the hyper-maniacal,

coffee-cup-headed anti-hero laments the state of American democracy, global warming,

living under the confusing cloud of terrorist threats, sexual politics, debilitating personal

neuroses, and all sorts of other really fun and lighthearted topics! Combining his

signature formula of hilarious art, absurd but insightful observations, and bold humor,

with his quickly deteriorating hope for humanity, Wheeler has crafted a comics collection

custom made for the disaffected and disenfranchised.

Too Much Coffee Man: How To Be Happy is available June 15 for the retail price of


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