CM Punk's Second Comic Story Announced for Vertigo's "Strange Sports Stories"

Former WWE Champion CM Punk's second comic book writing gig has been revealed: He'll be contributing to the "Strange Sports Stories" anthology, solicited to debut in March 2015 and announced Monday on DC Comics' Vertigo blog.

No further details have been revealed on his contribution to the issue, such as what issue his story will appear in, the art team he's working with or any plot details. Punk will be joining high-profile comics creators including Brian Azzarello, Paul Pope, Gilbert Hernandez, Nick Dragotta and Ivan Brandon. "Strange Sports Stories" is a four-part miniseries billed as "strange, scary, sexy and sensational sports stories," and shares a name with a six-issue DC series that ran from 1973 to 1974. CBR News has reached out to DC Comics for more information.

Last month, Marvel announced that Punk will write a short story for the company's "Thor Annual," scheduled for release in February. Punk is a vocal comic book fan -- he wrote the introduction to Marvel's "Avengers vs. X-Men" collection in 2012, and has said his favorite comic is seminal Vertigo series "Preacher" -- but he may not have quite as much time to write further comic books as expected a month ago. UFC announced earlier this month that Punk, who left the WWE in January of this year, had signed a multi-fight deal with the mixed martial arts organization.

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