CM Punk's English Lessons Return with New Grammar Slam Series

As a former WWE Superstar and UFC fighter, CM Punk has fought some intense battles over the years but nothing gets his blood boiling more than poor grammar.

While promoting his upcoming horror film Girl on the Third Floor, Punk (real name Phil Brooks) released a new video in his Grammar Slam online series that has the actor and professional wrestler respond to fan feedback while picking apart their incorrect grammar usage through Nerdist.

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While answering fan questions about his starring role in Girl on the Third Floor, Punk points out the difference between the words "loose" and "lose" based on a fan letter that uses the improper verb. Given the nature of the film being promoted, this installment of Grammar Slam employs appropriately spooky imagery to match the Halloween season.

In addition to his work with both the WWE and UFC, Punk is a noted comic book writer, having previously written for both Marvel and Vertigo Comics.

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Directed by Travis Stevens, Girl on the Third Floor stars Phil "CM Punk" Brooks, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Sarah Brooks, Elissa Dowling, Karen Woditsch and Travis Delgado. The film hits theaters Oct. 25.

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